Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome, here is a question.

What does Charlie and Jakes of Suntree, Aloha-Pizza of Satellite Beach, Wild Side Tours of Cocoa Beach, Elmo's Full Service Salon, and the Author's Edition web site have in

Answer: They all have gifts you can win by taking a simple consumer survey.

About Us:

No doubt you have heard the expression," I heard about it through the Grapevine".

It's all about the power of sharing information between friends.

That is what this all about. Except we go many steps further.

This Grapevine produces lead generation for local quality businesses while at the same time providing fun and valuable giveaways to you the consumer. And we all are consumers.

And without further ado.

Click below to go to the survey and enter to win a prize.

Take our Survey

Attention small business owners. We may have new customers for you now! Go to the survey and choose the selection under LeadGen.